Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What does that media services credential really say?

A few weeks back I received my Emergency Library Media Teacher Services Permit. This allows me to do this job for this year and can be renewed four times (for a total of five years).

I found some of the language interesting. In whole, it says:

This credential authorizes the holder to instruct pupils in the choice and use of library materials; to plan and coordinate school library programs with the instructional programs of a school district; to select materials for school and district libraries; to coordinate or supervise library programs at the school, district, or county level; to plan and conduct a course of instruction for those pupils who assist in the operation of school libraries; to supervise classified personnel assigned school library duties; and to develop procedures for and management of the school and district libraries.

A couple of things jump out at me. I have talked with librarians who work for districts where they supervise library personnel and are required to get an administrative credential. This appears to say that it is not a requirement *if* you are supervising library personnel.

To take this one step further, this seems to say to me that a person would not need to have an administrative credential to be in charge of all of the school libraries through a county office of education.

Now, as I am well aware, what the credential says and what reality is can be very different. It is interesting nonetheless.

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