Friday, November 16, 2007

CSLA, Day 2 (Post 3)

What I wanted to see: Scary, Gross, and Enlightening: Books for Boys K-8. Me and everyone else on the planet.

What I ended up seeing: Good Ideas! World Class Teaching and Standards.

Presenters at GIWCTaS all had won for submitting these teaching ideas. While they were all excellent ideas, Janelt Melikian offered a format for a "four-week long book talk project utilizing fcition, nonfiction and biography books." This was a collaborative project with a U.S. history teacher.

The basic premise is that not only would students read books related to U.S. History, but then they would need present it orally to the class. The time limit for the presentation is 4-6 minutes and they are graded on their ability to bring the character to life. They assume the role of the character as part of their presentation.

Cool idea!

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