Saturday, November 17, 2007

CSLA, Day 3 (Post 4)

While not well-attended, the Membership Meeting is an important event for CSLA. It gives folks the opportunity to speak their minds on issues of importance. A couple of interesting announcements:

1. As of January 1, 2008, the credential issued to library media teachers will now say "Teacher-Librarian" instead of LMT. (See a post tomorrow for my take.)


2. The Standards published by CSLA will now be available for free. (This came, I believe, out of many posts on CALIBK12 asking for them to be made available for free.

There were a number of people who came forward to speak. It was interesting to see what is important to some and not on the radar of others at all.


Joy said...

I am so glad to hear that the Standards are going to be readily available. It will help legitimize our profession. People need to know what we do and what standards we are aiming to attain.
I love that the listserv was instrumental in the decision!

Joy said...

Another comment, how interesting that our credential will change to Teacher-Librarian. I wonder why we are going in that direction? Is it because everyone now understands that media is a HUGE portion of what we do (making it redundant to mention it in our credential) and that Librarian now includes media automatically and not just books as in our mother's day?

Troy said...

Tom, I missed this event.
Would you mind giving an example or two what some considered important -- and what other did not consider so important.

I am sure that the one reason has to do with the experiences we find ourselves in. While at the CYMA dinner, I had the chance to speak to some librarians from Los Angeles USD and found that some of the same general issues that we deal with were also a concern to them.

Library Slim said...

But is a person who gets the "Library" Credential automatically a librarian? What if the Credential holder does not possess an MLIS (or equivalent?) Are they still a teacher librarian?

Tom said...

Yes, a person who gets the credential is automatically a librarian. One further, even if you don't have the credential (as I don't; only an emergency one), you could still be one.

Someone who gets the credential would be, in my understanding a teacher-librarian (just as they were a library media teacher before). Whether you have an MLIS doesn't even come into play. It's not a requirement to be a school librarian in this state.

Tom said...


One thing that came up was the cancelling of the Para meeting for Sunday morning. Somewhat contentious. Just a misunderstanding, near as I can tell.

Nothing else jumps out, but I will look at my notes (when I am closer to them).