Saturday, November 17, 2007

CSLA, Day 3 (Post 2)

I went to see "School Library Learning 2.0: California's Summer Fun." This was more a celebration of those who completed this training as well as a discussion of how it came about.

Importantly, Winter Fun was announced. Same training, but a new place to start and over some vacation time. It begins December 1 - April 1. For someone like me who has not finished the first round, I can just pick up from where I left off. It is definitely, though, for new people.


Joy said...

I rushed through it this summer (I think in just over a week) and I'm definitely planning to revisit it to go back and add some new skills.
It was great fun and has definitely added to my bag of tricks- I use these new skills every single day. My library programming is more dynamic with every passing day.

libladylib said...

This past summer, I too participated in School leaning 2. Iwas pretty green, so it took me the entire summer about 30 hours at least a week to get through it. Now, I have found at least 5 othe ronline courses similar to it. I must be ADD. I have sure used almost everything I learned. It is amazing how I ever did without it. These web2 tools are incredible! I encourage you to finish them. Have fun.
Your blog is awesome.