Monday, November 19, 2007


As I mentioned downstream, as of January 1, 2008, the library media services credential will begin calling us "Teacher-Librarian." To be honest, I was not sure if I like the change.

One interesting note is that when I posted about it on CALIBk-12, I received two emails from people who are quite connected in the California school library world and neither had heard anything about it. It does not seem like much input was sought.

Let me tell you my take as of today:

1. I won't have to explain what I do anymore. When I talked with three people outside the library world, they all immediately got it (and didn't necessarily get the whole LMT thing).

2. It brings us more in line with what some other places in the U.S. are doing.

3. In my district, the paras are Library Media Technicians which also equates to LMT.

4. Other people in the library world (public, academic, etc.) are all librarians. No alternative title needed.

People do like the whole LMT designation after their names, though. That's a reality.

Ultimately, I am okay with it. It will be interesting, though, to see how quickly districts adapt with changing job descriptions. Or, and this is important, if they will adapt. I suspect there is no requirement that they follow a CTC designation. Also, it will be interesting to see if library folks will adapt.

One interesting piece of this, it seems, is that the title change happens when new credentials are issued or when credentials are renewed. Does this mean that for a while we will have people with two different titles? Sounds like it.

I am more than a little curious what others think now that the news is a little older.


Wobbly Librarian said...

I received my LMT summer 2006 after completing my MLS from APU and had heard nary a word about the change until the membership meeting at CSLA. Granted, there have been some personal and health issues in my life for the last 6 months, so perhaps that explains it....
I LIKE the change. Same reasons that you have given. AND LMT seem so pretentious (like I was trying to explain all the time that I was better than the Library Media Assistant somehow by having this title. You know, I'm a Teacher, she is an Assistant. )
I hope our district will change to Teacher-Librarians and something simple like Clerks. (Libraries are staffed by Clerks at elementary , and we have TLs with a Clerk at secondary schools.)
Thanks for your great blog.
Mine is more for fun and family and friends.

Tom said...

I agree. I think it can get rid of some of that confusion.

I do know in some districts that there are three levels: teacher, tech, and clerk. The tech has gone to school and has the certificate. However, in my district, we only have two and, as I said above, they both have the initials LMT.

I don't know what your district does, but I think my job description still says "Secondary Librarian." I don't think they ever made the change on that, but LMT is used everywhere else.

In some ways, it will be easier. My school never made the change to LMT really, so many will still call me librarian.