Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New features!

Note that while I was playing with the blog today to get it ready for School Library Learning 2.0, I added a newsreel and and videos. Both are on the right and down a bit. Both of those features rely on a search term to find the right information. In this case, surprisingly, I used "library."


Lib. Learner Liz 2.0 Cheerleader said...

That looks great. Can you tell me how to get Library News and Library Newsreel?

Tom said...

It is a feature of Blogger. Here are the directions.

1. Log into Blogger.
2. Click on Layout.
3. Click on Add a Page Element.
4. Select the preferred element.
5. Choose a search term. It should show you examples of what that search results in.
6. Save.

That should do it.