Monday, September 3, 2007

How do you become an LMT?

As part of this shiny new job, I need to complete a library media services credential. As it happens, I am fortunate to have an excellent local program at Fresno Pacific University. I have already taken one course and it was quite good. The next one starts on Saturday.

Saturdays, you say? Why, yes, all of the courses are on Saturdays, usually every other Saturday. The assumption is that you are either:

a. already a library media teacher; or

b. a teacher of something else working toward becoming a library media teacher.

Many people do what I did. They apply for an open position at their own school, get the emergency credential, and start the program.

I expect to take one course a semester until I complete the program. I am in no hurry and I already have the job. The particular cohort that I am in is small. There are about seven students. The other cohort is much larger, but they are significantly further along than we are.

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