Friday, September 21, 2007

Big6 Project #1

Today I taught two sixth grade classes all about the Big6. It was a brief overview. Beginning next week, we will be getting into it. Their teacher will be introducing Step 1 on Monday and they will come back to the LMC on Tuesday for Step 2 where I will showcase some Internet sites as well as some online databases. I am going to put them up on the library website this weekend, so that it will provide easy access for the students, but also they will be readily available for the rest of the year.

This first project, and we plan a series of three, is a biography. I provided the teacher with a list of the biographies that we own. He is going to look at it and assign topics on Monday.

I am doing this for several reasons (like, because it's my job!), but one is to show the teachers at my school the possibilities for collaboration. My school has no history of LMTs and classroom teachers working together on a project like this, so I need to show them what it looks like.

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