Friday, October 5, 2007

"Give me a reason to go to the library"

If you read one opinion column written by a student about libraries, this would be the one to read. I am pleased beyond measure that a high school student is interested enough in the library to write an opinion column in a newspaper.

While I do not agree with all of Ms. Drusch's points, I like that she is addressing the readability of what sits in our libraries. Some of it is no longer a "good read." It doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there, but it does mean that we need to update what we have in our collections.

I also like her idea of placing new literature in places where students can readily find it. This could be a display or a special temporary section of a library. Students, like many of us, appreciate what is new.

However, her idea to allow food and drinks is doomed to disaster. We have enough problems just with the items that come in without permission. While Drusch seems quite mature, this is not true for all middle and high school students. The general rule is that these students do not throw away their garbage.

My question to Ms. Drusch: Which books have you recommended to your librarian to buy?

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