Thursday, October 11, 2007

CSLA Volunteer Opportunity, #2

Next up is advice from Deb Stanley, the out-going CSLA vice president for Membership:

"Be sure to attend the Membership Meeting at conference. This is a General Session that has traditionally been a morning event, but has been changed this year to Saturday afternoon at 3:45. Besides honors and awards given to members, and the "Speak Out" forum, a strategic purpose of this event is to extend opportunities for CSLA members to become more involved in this most deserving organization.

Available that day will be forms where attendees can check off interest in a variety of CSLA activities for the general organization such as committees that fall under the four divisions including Membership, Governmental Relations, Professional Development, and Communications. Each of these divisions has four or five committees that offer different levels of involvement. Also, members can get involved in their Northern or Southern Sections as close to home as your Region.

Go to the CSLA website and see the right-hand menu to explore the opportunities just mentioned."

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