Saturday, November 22, 2008

CSLA 2008, Post 6

Why do I go to CSLA? Could I be doing other things with my time? Yes, I certainly could. Could I be content only with what happens in my library? Yes, I certainly could. Could I decide that I have all the information that I will ever need for my job? Yes, I certainly could.

There are so many reasons why I go, but some of the ones that come to mind for me are:

  • Learning something new. I can assure you that I take something away from every presentation (although it isn't always what the presenter had in mind).

  • Meeting people with shared experiences. We are a passionate bunch and they get me.

  • Getting to spend time with the TLs from my district. Sometimes that can be harder than it sounds. Getting away makes it easier.

  • Because I am CSLA and so are you. I am on the CSLA Northern Section board because I think there is strength in numbers.

  • If my job is on the line, I know that people will come to demonstrate, write letters, and be supportive. These are those people.

  • Free books on Saturday afternoon!

  • The exhibits and getting to know the reps. Most of them I will never buy from, but it does give me the opportunity to see their wares.

And so much more. I encourage you to come to CSLA 2009. You will not be disappointed.

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