Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When push comes to shove...

When push comes to shove, I am a teacher librarian.

I discovered that today. Over the last few weeks, I had been offered a district-level position at my place of employment. There are people who work their entire careers to get such a thing. It sounds good in theory. My reality? It was not a library position. Yes, it is in something where I have experience and I would likely have appreciated the job in many ways.

It would have been more of a time commitment. Significantly and noticeably more. I still have three children at home (11, 15, 17). And, as I have noticed time and again, particularly recently, each with their own unique needs.

Also and importantly, I have a job that I love. I enjoy going to school every day. I like being with students. I like playing with technology. I love being in the library. For the first time, so I have been told, my school has a true library program. I am making a difference.

And that is why I'll stay.


Eden said...

I am so glad you are staying a teacher librarian. If you love what you are doing and you are making a difference, you have found the right place.

Rich Meland said...

Reading things like this reinforces my decision to transition from English teacher to teacher librarian. I have three kids too and I can really appreciate what you are saying.

Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

Best wishes on staying where you love to be!