Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teaching at Fresno Pacific University again

I am teaching yet another section of this same library technology course for Fresno Pacific University. The evolution has been amazing. When we brought the course online, it was a two-unit one. It is now four units and chock full of technology that students will need throughout the program. In addition to the technology, it is also an orientation to the program.

We are already seeing success from students who instead of going to the instructor automatically know which technology to use, where to post assignments (on their wiki), and how the course is structured.

It has been an interesting progression to watch the program grow. Initially, I was supposed to teach one course and then teach it again when it came around to being my turn. I have now taught it, I believe, four semesters in a row. The online program has become quite successful to say the least.


Rich Meland said...

I'm enjoying the format of the online program very much!

Tom Nixon said...

Hi Rich,

I'm glad you like it. I have enjoyed it very much as well.