Saturday, August 23, 2008

Once more into the breach...

As loyal readers know, I taught an online course in the Teacher Librarian Services Credential program at Fresno Pacific University this past spring. I thought it went well and I was quite pleased with the results.

Apparently, I did sufficiently well that I have been asked to teach the same course again. There is a district in California that is requiring their TLs to become credentialed, so a new cohort will be starting soon. Thankfully, I only need to tweak the old course outline and I will be good to go.

I am excited at the prospect of teaching another course. When I taught that last course, it had been about a decade since I had taught college students (both at CSU Fresno and at Fresno City College). I had forgotten that I enjoy doing so.

It is rather interesting to be a student and a teacher in the same program. At this point, I have not taught students who have been in the same courses with me and I do not think that will come to pass. That is probably a good thing.


Lisa said...

Hi Tom,
Not sure if you realize it, but your library media link is broken. It should be

I am the web editor at FPU, and a student pointed out the break to me. Just thought I'd help.

Lisa Alvey

Tom said...

At one point, it was correct, but the URLs shifted. I will fix it today. Thanks for keeping me honest!