Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm baack!

Yes, I have taken a little break, but I am back now. Life has been rather hectic, but now that I am back at school, perhaps things will calm down a tad. Or not.

We had students yesterday, but only grades six and seven. The eighth grade starts on Monday. It really is nicer to stagger the beginning of the school year. We also stagger at the end.

In coming back, we had many, many books to process. Part of this was moving to Follett Destiny and part of that was the particular math selection for eighth grade. As far as Destiny, I, for the most part, like it significantly better than Alexandria. Yes, it is web-based and I think that is a real advantage because I can access it anywhere on campus.

As for eighth grade math, our large district selected America's Choice. This is eight thin math books that look like consumables, but are not. What this will require is checking eight books out to each student throughout the year. While we did ask the company to barcode them, they came to schools in no particular order and with no particular range. This required me to input each book one at a time. Talk about slow.

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