Monday, December 10, 2007

Graphic Novels Poster Contest

One of the things that I brought back from CSLA 2007 was the desire to create a graphic novels poster contest. One of the major reasons was that I have no artistic skills whatsoever, but I wanted to have some unique posters around my new graphic novels section.

I have spent the last two weeks handing out paper for the contest. Students turned them in last Friday and they have been judged. The students were very enthusiastic about participating in the contest. Part of that enthusiasm was certainly due to the lack of access to art in our middle school. Getting big pieces of paper to draw on is, apparently, very cool.

Some good that came out of it:
  • I got students into the library that I do not know (because it was announced every day).
  • Students go to do art.
  • I got wonderful posters with which to decorate my new section.

Response was so good that I may have a second contest in the spring where I have the students create their own graphic novels.

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