Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Deal or No Deal"

By the way, I discovered that video by reading a post over at Filipino Librarian. I have found it interesting to see what the librarian profession looks like in other parts of the world and I have a particular affinity for the Philippines (having spent time there off and on about twenty years ago).

By the way, a piece of information: In order to be a librarian in the Philippines, you need to pass a national examination. In the most recent examination, they had 868 test-takers. Out of that 868, only 278 passed. That is 32%! Apparently, it is a difficult task to become a librarian in that country. I wonder why that might be. Perhaps it has to do with job availability.


vonjobi said...

hey, thanks for the nice words =)

there are a lot of reasons for the low passing rate. i'll probably go into them in a future post, but i'm sure it won't make me very popular among some people.

merry christmas and happy new year!

Joan Tracy said...

Wow, 32%. That gives me pause, too. Thanks for this info and the blog link.