Saturday, February 7, 2009

I passed the test. Now what?

I found out yesterday that I passed the School Leaders Licensure Assessment. In my state, as in some other states, there are several ways to earn an administrative credential. Typically, one needs to take courses and earn a credential or a master's degree.

However, there can be an alternate route. Pass the test and get the prize. Based on the number of people who were in the room when I took the test, this has become a popular route. How successful are folks? My guess is not very.

The test takes six hours to complete and you will write for the entire time. No multiple choice anything. There are twenty-five constructed responses. Not for the faint of heart.

I do not want to assert that I am smarter than the average bear, but I do have a series of experiences in public education that should be helpful on such a test. I am also a better-than-average writer. Now look at my test score below.

Score required: 173
Tom's score: 174

Not a particularly stellar pass. A pass, nonetheless, but it makes me wonder how much of a cash cow this particular examination is for ETS. More than several in that room of forty applicants were there for a re-take.

The cost for the test is $430. That may be the most expensive ETS test. Given that folks are trying to test out of many expensive classes, ETS knows what it is doing.

Now to the second part. Now that I have this administrative credential (or will when all of the paperwork is done), what is my plan? Should I go out and apply for every vice principal job on the planet? Are you insane? I do know that there are people who want such jobs. I would most assuredly not be one.

At this point, I do not know what I will do with it. I have a great job being a Teacher Librarian. I control my destiny for the most part. I work for a district and for people who allow me to be creative. For me, that's a great place to be.


Eden said...

Congratulations! Please stay in the library but at least you have other options in this crazy economic climate.

Good work!

Thomas Nixon said...

I did not mention that as a reason to take the test, but that is certain a part of the mix.

While having a job is not an issue (because I have quite a bit of seniority in a very large district), having a job that I want could be.

My preference as always is to control my own employment destiny as much as is possible. Would I want to go back into an English classroom if my job went away? I don't know.

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Congratulations! You are better prepared for whatever fortunes or misfortunes come along! Best wishes.

Tom said...

Thank you! I have a great job now, but, as we all know, bad things can happen. Best to be prepared, I think.