Friday, October 24, 2008

Library Summer Camp already?

We have already started working on Library Summer Camp 2009. This is an annual event in CSLA's Northern Section Region 3. This has become a quite successful event and we get about 150 paraprofessionals to attend. While we have not narrowed down a date yet, it will be the first week of August 2009. It is unclear which school will host, but we have a couple of possibilities.

The last meeting and the next meeting have been at my school. Most of the people on the committee have jobs (like district librarian) that make it easier to be gone. Because I have several things going on, it makes it a little more difficult for me. So, they decided to make it easier on me and we meet here. I thought that was nice of them.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

How about an update on the date and location for summer camp? Thanks.

Tom Nixon said...

Reasonable question. Summer Camp will be on August 5 at Selma High School in Selma. I will post more on this event after our meeting in early May.