Thursday, May 1, 2008

Teaching them there librarians

In that last post, I mentioned what I would do if I were teaching a teacher-librarian credentialing course.

As it happens, I am.

But, Tom, you only started the program last year. How can you be doing that so soon? That is just so wrong!

Full disclosure: I am not actually teaching a library course. I am teaching the technology festival course (MCE-760/Curriculum Integration). In other words, I am teaching technology to teacher-librarians. That I can do.

And stop worrying about what I am doing, will you! I know I'm not ready to be teaching the library courses. :)

This is why it has been a little quiet around here lately. As it happens, I am teaching the very first course in Fresno Pacific University's brand-new online program. I also had the pleasure of developing the course. For those not in the know, often instructors teach online courses that they did not develop. That is significantly more common.

Why was I asked to do this? I am not sure. I have taught university classes before, but I also have some experience with online learning. Probably seemed a reasonable choice, I suppose.

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libraryqueen said...

Read your blog post and noticed we have some things in common. I too am beginning the IMLS program. I will be attending SJSU in the Fall. And I love technology. Cool Blog! Ill add you to my blog roll.