Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Utah considers increasing teacher librarian numbers

From the NEA Morning Update:

The Salt Lake Tribune (2/11, Schencker) reported that teacher librarians, "licensed educators with endorsements in library media who teach students how to understand, research and organize information," are in short supply in Utah schools. However, Rep. Tim Cosgrove (D) "is asking for $1.7 million a year for the next three years to help hire 50 more teacher librarians." Then, "after three years, districts would continue funding the teacher librarians themselves, and the state could spend more money to hire another 50 teacher librarians." The plan also calls for student achievement evaluations. Rep. Cosgrove's request was ranked "relatively high on [the] list of priorities for education funding this session" by the Public Education Appropriations Committee, "[b]ut the request still faces some stiff competition for state money this year." There are "[a]t least 10 other bills seeking money to ease the state's teacher shortage...progressing through the legislature" which "address other areas of critical shortages such as math, science, special education and other teachers."

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